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    Update | SwissSalary update version 5061.000
    We hereby present the SwissSalary update version 5061.000 with many great new features, implemented customer requests and individual bug fixes.
    Opening hours support
    We are pleased to inform you about the opening hours of SwissSalary Support for the upcoming events and holidays.
    Maintenance work SwissSalary Direct
    On Thursday 20.04.2023 from 12:00 SwissSalary Direct will have limited availability due to maintenance work in connection with the upcoming Business Central Release 2023 Wave 1.
    HR Festival | SAVE THE DATE
    We look forward to meeting you personally at the HR Festival 2023!
    SwissSalary Learn
    SwissSalary Docs became SwissSalary Learn this week. FAQ's, videos, online sessions and current news about Swiss payroll accounting now appear on the platform in addition to all documentation.
    Tax at source rates 2023 | canton GL 14.02.2023
    The canton of Glarus has corrected its Tax at source rates 2023 of 14.02.2023. This new version can be updated in SwissSalary with immediate effect.
    Update | Quality Release 5060.003
    The whole SwissSalary Team wishes you a lot of fun with the latest Quality Release 5060.003!
    Microsoft AppSource | Rate Us
    We appreciate your honest feedback!
    Update | Quality Release 5060.002
    The whole SwissSalary Team wishes you a lot of fun with the latest Quality Release 5060.002!
    The new cantonal tax at source rates 2023 are published
    The new cantonal tax at source rates 2023 are published in a first version of 27.12.2022 and can be updated in SwissSalary 365 (SaaS Cloud) or SwissSalary NAV (onPremise) by mouse click.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    The SwissSalary team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and a happy new year!
    Certificate | swissdec certified plus
    SwissSalary Ltd. is the first and currently the only payroll provider in Switzerland with the swissdec certified plus label.
    Opening hours Support | Holidays
    We are pleased to inform you about the opening hours of SwissSalary Support over the coming holidays.
    Update | Quality Release 5060.001
    The whole SwissSalary Team wishes you a lot of fun with the latest Quality Release 5060.001!
    Update | SwissSalary update version 5060.000
    With this news article we are happy to present to you some new functions in SwissSalary® as well as SwissSalary EasyRapport®, SwissSalary Direct® and SwissSalary Budget®.
    EasyRapport | Browser refresh after the installation of Update v2022.002.05
    With this update, we guarantee smooth transition to new versions in the future.
    Mark for one Day! | SEBA Bank AG
    The second challenge was tough and was a very special “Win a Mark for one Day” task, which took place independently of SEBA Bank AG’s headquarters and offices.
    Testimonial | Schwab-Guillod AG
    It’s been a long time now since our testimonial and since we had a chance to look behind the scenes at Schwab-Guillod AG.
    SwissSalary Docs | Standard interfaces
    From now on, you will find the category Standard Interfaces under the documentations. In it, various interfaces of SwissSalary to external solutions are described.
    SwissSalary Anniversary | 10 years of SwissSalary Support
    Here are a few informative as well as fun facts from the support team.
    Update | Quality Release 5059.003
    Today Wednesday, August 25, 2022 we have published a new Quality Release for our customers with installed versions (on prem) and in the cloud (SwissSalary 365).
    Shortclip | Tenant-specific notifications
    Microsoft used to send tenant-specific notifications, such as information about updates to your Business Central environment...
    SwissSalary Docs | The new SwissSalary EasyRapport Update Manual is here!
    So-called major updates for SwissSalary EasyRapport are imported every third Thursday of the month. They may include new features and bug fixes.
    Update | Quality Release 5059.002
    Today Thursday, June 30, 2022 we released a new Quality Release for our customers with installed versions (on prem).
    Update | Quality Release 5059.001 is available now!
    SwissSalary Team wishes you a lot of fun with the latest SwissSalary version!
    Handling claims digitally - KLE in practice
    Find out first-hand how the digital claims processing "KLE" is used in practice. Sara Petrone from Canon Switzerland AG talks about her experiences with it over the past year.
    Handling claims digitally - KLE in practice
    Together with Suva and Swissdec, we were able to take a big step towards digitalization.
    SwissSalary Updates are here!
    On May 5, 2022, we release the next SwissSalary Update version 5059.000 with many cool innovations, improvements implemented in response to customer requests and some bug fixes.
    Maintenance work SwissSalary Direct
    On Wednesday 04.05.2022 between 17:00 and 22:00 SwissSalary Direct will have limited availability due to maintenance work in connection with a database update.
    SwissSalary Cloud Essentials
    Do you want to benefit from the latest features and tools that are possible with the Cloud? Then the free Cloud Essentials App is for you!
    Tax at source rates 2022 | canton SH 21.02.2022
    The canton of Schaffhausen has corrected its Tax at source rates 2022 of 21.02.2022.
    HR Festival Europe 2022 | Save the Date
    Instead of the end of March as planned, it will now take place on May 31 and June 1, 2022 in the Zurich Exhibition Hall.
    Tax at source rates 2022 | canton VD 18.01.2022
    The canton of Vaud has corrected its Tax at source rates 2022 of 18.01.2022.
    SwissSalary Christmas competition aftermovie
    In a short aftermovie we present you the captured impressions of the branding action for the Christmas competition.
    Hotfix 5058.001
    Hotfix 5058.001 is available now. You will find here the bugfixes and developments contained in it.
    Tax at source rates 2022 | canton TI 03.01.2022
    The canton of Ticino has corrected its Tax at source rates 2022 of 03.01.2022.
    Year-end Processing 2021/2022
    To make the year-end processing 2021/2022 quick and easy, we have prepared a manual with all the necessary information.
    The 2022 Tax at source rates
    The new cantonal Tax at source rates 2022 are published in the first version of 21.12.2021 and can be updated in SwissSalary NAV (onPremise) or SwissSalary 365 (SaaS Cloud) by mouse click.
    Happy Christmas time
    There are five letters hidden on this year's Christmas card. Have you discovered them yet?
    SwissSalary and Log4j2
    The security vulnerability CVE-2021-4428 in the “Log4j2” Java library threatens many essential and critical services on the Internet.
    Install update in a few clicks
    Do you want to use the latest features in SwissSalary without technical complications? With this video tutorial we show you how to install the latest update in a few clicks.
    OAuth 2.0 | Video tutorial
    With OAuth 2.0, you can further increase security and protect your data even better. In this video tutorial we show you how.
    We did it!
    SwissSalary is now ISO 27001:2013 certified.
    SwissSalary Direct
    SwissSalary Direct is now even more secure and includes many improvements implemented in response to customer requests.
    SwissSalary EasyRapport
    The update contains many improvements implemented in response to customer requests and further developments!
    SwissSalary Update 5058.000
    On November 18, 2021, we release the next version of SwissSalary Update (5058.000).
    The SwissSalary Hotfix 5057.002 has arrived
    The hotfix contains various quality improvements and adjustments of version 5057.001.
    Info about the update to release 18.3 and the data shift to Switzerland
    Starting with the next release 18.3 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Swiss data center (Microsoft Azure) is now supported.
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Version 18.3
    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Version 18.3 is now available. Shortly after, we welcomed the first customer in the Swiss data center!
    Swiss Datacenter is here
    Awesome News for Swiss Business Central Customers! There has never been so much "Switzerland" in our solution scope.
    Insights into your company
    With SwissSalary Insights, you can view reports more quickly and easily than before.
    Get safety
    The entire system of the Microsoft 365 domain guarantees that you are always the owner of your data.
    No more manual input
    We guarantee that your peripheral systems are always up-to-date.
    Save time on billing
    With up-to-date SwissSalary solution, withholding tax deduction has never been easier.
    Never wait for updates again
    With SwissSalary, complex release processes including testing and the costs incurred are a thing of the past.
    Easy to be compliant
    Thats how you can get the latest SwissSalary version, use the new functions and be always up-to-date.
    SwissSalary Insights
    Today is the day, the latest add on SwissSalary Insights is now available for you!
    Dynamics 365 Business Central | Release 18 is available
    Dynamics 365 Business Central | Release 18 (2021 release wave 1) is available in the SaaS Public Cloud from Microsoft
    SwissSalary EasyRapport | April 2021 | Release
    The SwissSalary EasyRapport spring release (April 2021) is here!
    SwissSalary Direct Registration
    The guide to the registration process of SwissSalary Direct.
    IMPORTANT: Tax at source | Canton ZG | new tariff file available - please update if necessary
    Change in tax at source rate 2021 Canton ZG
    IMPORTANT: Tax at source cantons NE + BL | new tariff file available - please update if necessary
    If you have employees liable to Tax at source in the cantons BL and NE, please update!
    IMPORTANT: Tax at source canton BE | Tariff file available - please update
    Tax at source rate 2021 adjustment for the canton BE
    Tax at source tariff 2021 | Tariff Canton BE is being revised
    The tax at source rate file 2021 of the canton BE is currently not available
    Net wage compensation | Calculation of tax at source | Update 5056.000 of 29.10.2020
    Please note that only a very small proportion of our clients carry out net wage compensation and therefore most are not affected by this information.
    Revision of the Family Allowances Act as of 01.08.2020
    Children in education receive the higher education allowance from the age of 15
    SUVA pays the occupational accident premium during short-time work
    Short-Time Work | SUVA pays the occupational accident premium
    Tax at source Canton Zurich | minor corrections in tariff 2014 (tariff A)
    Minor corrections to the old 2014 tariff of the Canton of Zurich
    Tax at source Canton Ticino | New tariffs 2020
    New Tax at source rates for the Canton of Ticino
    Tax at source tariff 2020 is available
    The new tax at source tariffs 2020 are available in a first version since 19.12.2019.
    Income tax: partner information required after January 1, 2019
    Starting from January 1, 2019, partner information about employees subject to income tax and married employees (including registered partnership) must be recorded.
    IncaMail - Version 4.6
    IncaMail has released the new version 4.6
    SwS365 | URL for Webclient
    In the SwissSalary 365 cloud solution it is possible with individual URLs to directly access a client which is opened after logging in.
    Are you ready for the first salary payment in January 2018?
    In the next few days, you will make the first salary payment for January 2018. Did you adjust the percentages 2018 for the following social insurance?
    Change the link to open NAV in a different Role Center
    Start the SwissSalary Role Center in the RTC client
    ISO 20022 | pain.001 | new interface for salary payment
    SwissSalary ist ready for the new payment standard ISO 20022 (pain.001).
    SwissSalary 365 on Dynamics NAV App
    How to change the 'Upload Size' of files for RTC-Clients
    Please read this article on how you can change the value of the maximum upload size in the Terminal Server Setup.
    Changes in the Version List
    With the latest update 5050.000 we started to change the logic for our version list in our SwissSalary AddOn.
    Dynamics NAV, Unicode, Code Pages and Incorrect Special Characters
    In the last few months we saw several Installations of Dynamics NAV (including SwissSalary of course) with issues regarding incorrect special characters like àéèöüž etc.
    Register comdlg32.ocx on x64 Win7
    How to fix the error message for missing or invalid comdlg32.ocx component. This error will show up on newer oporation systems.
    Delete User Personalization in RTC
    How to delete User Personalization in RTC clients
    How to download Demo/Dev license
    Some SwissSalary partner from Germany informed us, that they missing some Pages or Codeunits in the license.
    SwissSalary in international environments
    The point I made was that SwissSalary depends on the (Swiss) regional settings. As of today, nothing has changed.
    ELM-Transmitter V4.0 | .NET-Framework 4.5 notwendig
    ELM-Transmitter V4.0 funktioniert nur mit .NET-Framework 4.5
    ELM transfer | FAQ
    Require ELM insurance profile by the insurer, Setting LIVE and not TEST environment, Customize ELM directory...
    Error on ELM Transmitter: [EN00011]:An error was disovered processing the header
    On of the problem with the SwissSalary ELM transmitter could be, if the time stamp client/server does not match.
    ELM Transmitter in Citrix
    ELM Transmitter in Citrix - Certificate in Group Policy
    SQL Server 2016 and Dynamics NAV
    Microsoft announced today that SQL Server 2016 is officially compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and higher.
    ELM Transmitter: Cannot find the requested object
    How To Do NAV Object Updates (FOBs)
    Even though NAV has been around for many years it seems that people don't know how to do a NAV object update correctly.
    SwissSalary Ltd. in President's Club 2016 for Microsoft Dynamics
    In 2016, we are again in the top 5% of the worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Partner! We are very pleased that we were elected to the President's Club for Microsoft Dynamics 2014 and also 2016.
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