If you work with the SwissSalary 365 cloud solution, there are two login options. On the one hand, you can perform the ClickOnce installation and work analogously to an on premise version (currently NAV 2017).

When working directly in the browser with the so-called WebClient, the last client used opens when logging in. If you always want to open the same client, you can control this in the user adjustments for each user.

Alternatively, it is also possible to generate different URLs for each client so that the required client is opened directly. The URL is composed as follows:

Example 1
Subdomain: Cronus
Client: Cronus AG


Example 2
Subdomain: Cronus
Client: Cronus & Meier AG


As you can see, appropriate codes are to be used for special characters/spaces. You can find a corresponding list under this Link.