On November 3, 2022, we release the next SwissSalary Update version 5060.000 with many great innovations, improvements implemented in response to customer requests and some bug fixes. All adjustments of quality releases 5059.001, 5059.002 and 5059.003 are integrated in this Update:


With this news article we are happy to present to you some new functions in SwissSalary® as well as SwissSalary EasyRapport®, SwissSalary Direct® and SwissSalary Budget®.


To show you the overview of the changes in SwissSalary more simply and clearly, we have created a smart overview on docs.swisssalary.ch in addition to the extensive manual with detailed descriptions. So, have fun with it!


We recommend that you install this version in the next few days/weeks. The respective Dynamics 365 partner must be contacted for import with the installed versions (onPrem). SwissSalary 365 Microsoft SaaS cloud customers can simply install the update with a mouse click via ‘Business Central admin center apps’. Video tutorials can be found here or in the Role Center. Please note at least version 5058.000 should be installed.




Update 5060.000


General and versions

In the introduction to the manual, please note the information on the NAV/Business Central versions that will be supported in the future. Many older versions will no longer be supported with this update. Make sure to discuss this with your Dynamics 365 partner.


Almost 200 tasks have been implemented. They had been continuously published on the website in “5060.000 Coming Soon” and have now been published and described in detail in the update manual.


Swissdec 5.0 

We are very proud to be the first Swiss provider with the Swissdec 5.0 certified plus! Numerous innovations have been implemented in Release 506.000:

  • Transmission of wage data and adaptation of year-end statements to the new ELM 5.0 standard

  • Standardization of subsequent wage payment

  • Optimization of Income tax reports processing and presentation, including feedback in dialog

  • Adjustments to the calculation of thresholds for re-recruitments

  • Preparation for adaptation of the new BUR numbers

  • Rectified salary certificate with corresponding document IDs


KLE (accident reports)

As part of Swissdec 5.0, it is also possible now to connect private insurers along with SUVA, as soon as they allow processing.


Social security

Geographical origin is now listed in wage items for social insurance contracts to be known for the relevant wage item. This way, back payments are made easier if insurers are changed.


QR invoices

The ISO payment file was already adjusted in a previous quality release so that several QR invoices can also be processed.


SwissSalary BAU in the cloud

We are very pleased by the fact that SwissSalary BAU can now also be used in the cloud. We keep in touch with all construction customers to accompany the migration.



SwissSalary Budget



With the help of the SwissSalary Budget® module, you can create wage budget in FTE and/or in Amounts as well as calculate forecasts. Different versions can be created for each budget or forecast. In addition, you have the option to compare the target and actual numbers in an assessment and determine the deviations.


The budget module is updated automatically when SwissSalary is updated.



The structure can now be generated with “from/to date”. All employees active during a part of this period are thus listed in the structure. The data is retrieved from the current settings in the Personnel card.


BVG deductions

BVG contributions are now not only taken from wage items into account in the “Calculate budget” report, but also when BVG deductions are calculated as a percentage based on a BVG plan.


Various improvements

A large number of minor adjustments and improvements have also been incorporated into SwissSalary Budget, which we were able to generate from customer feedback and day-to-day work.





The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you will enjoy the latest SwissSalary releases.


To find the manuals and our new smart overview with all changes to SwissSalary, follow this link:



Kind regards,

Your SwissSalary Team