Today Wednesday, August 25, 2022 we have published a new Quality Release for our customers with installed versions (on prem) and in the cloud (SwissSalary 365). This includes the following corrections:  


  • If there were multiple QR invoices in the same file, the payment was rejected. The file has now been corrected. In addition, please see the info on ISR invoices below.
  • When uploading documents to SwissSalary Direct, an error message occurred if there was no document to display. This was the case if all employees were already registered for Direct and therefore no documents needed to be printed. If all documents can be sent to SwissSalary Direct, a message now appears stating that no document is available for display. If not all documents can be sent to SwissSalary Direct, those that could not be uploaded will be displayed.
  • Affects only customers with basic license in on-prem solutions: When entering a mutation in TimeMachine, an error message was displayed and the entry could not be made.


Please contact your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner for the update. Before updating, make sure you have at least version 5059.000. It is not mandatory to import version 5059.001 or 5059.002 beforehand.  


All changes will be present in update 5060.000 (scheduled for November 3, 2022).  


Attention: after September 30, 2022, no payments with payment slip with reference number (ISR) will be processed by banks. Check early on that your employees no longer have ISR payments on file. You can check this by opening the "bank" for any employee on the employee card, then releasing the filter on the employee number and filtering by payment type "ISR". If you have any questions about this, contact your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner or SwissSalary Support. 


Your SwissSalary Team