The new cantonal Tax at source rates 2022 are published in the first version of 21.12.2021 and can be updated in SwissSalary NAV (onPremise) or SwissSalary 365 (SaaS Cloud) by mouse click.


Please note that individual cantonal Tax at source rates may change in the next few weeks. We will inform you about updates via a news entry in the 'SwissSalary Role Centre', as well as via



Information on the 2022 Tax at source rates:

- Since 2021, each canton delivers a new tariff file annually.

- The new rates are updated automatically via Organization (for a description, please see below), provided you have imported version 5058.000 dated 18.11.2021 and/or later.
If you are still on an older version (<5058.000), please contact your Dynamics 365 partner.

- The new tariffs 2022 must be installed at the latest before the first salary run of January 2022.



Procedure Update withholding tax rates (SwissSalary version 5058.000 or later):

- In Administration -> Organization -> Store, the withholding tax rate lines are displayed with the status 'not up to date'.

- Via -> Update all store updates', the individual cantonal rates are automatically downloaded and imported. The update takes a few minutes.



We obtain the tariffs for the individual cantons from here. For more information on the individual cantons (Tax at source commissions etc.), please click here.



Cantonal Tax at source rates 2022 for all older SwissSalary versions (5057.002 and older):

- For all older SwissSalary versions (5057.002 and older), the file «» must be imported manually with all cantons.

We do not recommend this process!



The 2021 withholding tax rates can be imported in all SwissSalary versions as follows (step-by-step procedure):

1. first make sure that you have imported SwissSalary version 5058.000 dated 18.11.2021 and/or newer

2. save the file with the tariffs for 2021 locally

3. go to Payroll Setup -> Tax at Source Setup -> Tariff -> Import

4. activate the checkbox "All cantons”

5. select the saved file and confirm with "OK”

6. wait until the import has finished

7. update the new 2022 rates via the organization (if you have already updated the 2022 rates via the organization, you must reset status "not up to date” for all cantons and then "Update all store updates")

8. now check in the Payroll Setup -> Tax at Source Setup -> Tariff whether the tariffs 2021 and 2022 are available