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On May 5, 2022, we release the next SwissSalary Update version 5059.000 with many cool innovations, improvements implemented in response to customer requests and some bug fixes. This update includes all adjustments from hotfix changes 5058.001. With this newsletter we are happy to present to you some new functions in SwissSalary® as well as SwissSalary EasyRapport®, SwissSalary Direct® and SwissSalary Budget®.

To show you the overview of the changes in SwissSalary more simply and clearly, we have created a smart overview on in addition to the extensive manual with detailed descriptions. So, have fun with it!

We recommend that you install this version in the next few days/weeks. The respective Dynamics 365 partner must be contacted for import with the installed versions (onPrem). SwissSalary 365 Microsoft SaaS cloud customers can simply install the update with a mouse click via ‘Business Central admin center apps’. Video tutorials can be found here or in the Role Center. Please note at least version 5058.000 should be installed.

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Update 5059.000

General and versions

In the introduction to the manual, please note the information on the NAV/Business Central versions that will be supported in the future. Many older versions will be supported for the last time with this update. Make sure to discuss this with your Dynamics 365 partner. Furthermore, initial preparations were made for the new Swissdec 5.0 certification, which will be published in autumn with update 5060.000.

Accident reports in KLE

We were able to implement many innovations in respect of KLE, electronic accident reporting directly from SwissSalary. Additional filter options, adjustments to daily allowance accounting, integration of hospital deductions or a new fact box on incapacity to perform duties are just some of the innovations. Please note the new integration via SwissSalary Direct!

Modern Client (browser)

Our cloud customers working with SwissSalary 365® can now drag and drop documents directly into the employee’s personnel file. It is another great step towards simplifying day-to-day work with SwissSalary. With Cloud Connector, we have also made it possible for you, the customer, to process wages in the cloud, while financial accounting is still available on premise in an installed version. FIBU values are continuously transmitted and synchronized. Switching to the cloud just made it one step easier!


TimeMachine offers our customers the possibility of making retroactive and proactive entries. We have renewed the design of TimeMachine and made it more customer-friendly. TimeMachine was developed to be more intelligent so that related fields can be edited once and clearly.

QR invoice

As you probably know, various adjustments are currently being made to Swiss payment transactions. You can now work with QR invoices in SwissSalary and enter QR IBAN and QR reference accordingly in employees’ personnel banks.


We created a new table for contacts. In the future, this will make it easier to handle and edit stored contacts (e.g. information on insurance companies). The existing contacts are transferred automatically.

Reversal lock

The reversal lock is activated if the payment file has already been created for a pay process that had been settled. If the unsettled pay process still needs to be canceled, the reversal lock must be deactivated first. We have now integrated this function directly into the pay process under “Actions”.

Refunding of Absences

If a month other than January is indicated in the Refunding of absences under the claim calculation month, this month counts as the start for the holiday entitlement. This function is required above all for apprentices whose employment year starts in August and ends in July of the following year.


Many smaller changes also include the correct display of client names on other reports outside of SwissSalary, the SmartPort can now be operated with WebServices or external data can be imported into the open interface using the social security number instead of the personnel number. The new BUR number with alphanumeric values can also be stored in the payroll master data.

SwissSalary EasyRapport
Spring release

The update contains many improvements implemented in response to customer requests and further developments! We are pleased to present to you the new features and hope that your work will become easier.

Holiday balance

On January 1 of each year, SwissSalary EasyRapport displays holiday balance from the corresponding refunding of absences of each employee. SwissSalary now takes into account the dates of resignation that have already been set and reduces the displayed holiday balance pro rata.

Maximum threshold for Group title

A maximum threshold can now be entered for group titles. For example, if a maximum of 6 hours is entered in the ‘Absences’ line, only a maximum of 6 hours can be recorded across all absences.

New columns for groups

Columns ‘CC Debit’, ‘CU Debit’, ‘Project Task’ or ‘Project No.’ are displayed in the EasyRapport groups. They are used so that a dimension can be assigned directly to a group line with the ‘row’ report type and therefore only it can be reported.

In addition, minor bug fixes and security updates were made, as always.

SwissSalary Direct
Spring release

SwissSalary Direct® is now even more secure and includes many improvements implemented in response to customer requests. We are pleased to present them to you and hope that your work will become easier.

Accident reports in KLE

We are very pleased that, as announced, we can take a new big step in the implementation of KLE. As of this update, employees can independently report all accidents in SwissSalary Direct, upload documents and submit all required information directly to SwissSalary completely paperless. This marks another decisive step in the paperless, fast and secure submission of accident reports.

Two-factor authentication with Authenticator

You can set up two-factor authentication in SwissSalary Direct with the “Advanced” range of functions. Up until now, it was possible via SMS, but you can now use any common authenticator (e.g., Microsoft and Google Authenticator) or password managers. This makes a significant contribution to the security of your employees’ data.

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Prevent printing

For employees who do not want to register for SwissSalary Direct®, the printing of information about SwissSalary Direct® can now be suppressed directly in SwissSalary in the Personnel card. This has been frequently requested by customers.

SwissSalary Budget
Update 5059.000

With the help of the SwissSalary Budget® module, you can create wage budget in FTE and/or in Amounts as well as calculate forecasts. Different versions can be created for each budget or forecast. In addition, you have the option to compare the target and actual numbers in an assessment and determine the deviations.

Wage parts

The “Allocated Salary filter” field is now available during the processing of “Import Salary/Raise Salary”. This field is used to enter salary types that are to be transferred to the budget in addition to the wage. This means that wage parts recorded in SwissSalary can also be transferred.

Various improvements

A large number of minor adjustments and improvements have also been incorporated into SwissSalary Budget, which we were able to generate from customer feedback and day-to-day work.


The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you will enjoy the latest SwissSalary releases.

To find the manuals and our new smart overview with all changes to SwissSalary, follow this link:

SwissSalary Update Manual 5059.000

Kind regards,
Your SwissSalary Team