Multi-factor authentication is now provided in the SwissSalary Direct Plus subscription to ensure even greater security of your data.


What are the benefits of the 2-factor authentication?

By adding an additional level of authentication, multi-factor authentication makes it more difficult for cybercriminals to access the account.

This means that your company’s sensitive data is additionally protected.


What’s new?

All SwissSalary Direct Plus users now have the option of going though multi-factor authentication with authenticator apps (Google, Microsoft, etc.) when they log in.


What is different for Advanced users?

In addition to the authenticator apps, SwissSalary Advanced users have an option to deliver the code via SMS.


Step-by-step instructions for setting up multi-factor authentication (MFA) are described in this video:


For the overview of the Basic, Plus and Advanced functions and prices, go to:


Switch from SwissSalary Direct Basic to the Plus subscription now and additionally protect your employees’ data with multi-factor authentication.



If you would like to change your subscription or ask questions about SwissSalary Direct multi-factor authentication, please contact us at



The SwissSalary Team hopes that you will enjoy working with our solutions!