SwissSalary Direct ®


Self-service Portal | 100% On-line

With SwissSalary Direct®, employees have round-the-clock global access to their personal earnings records. Using the Plus version, the employees can update home address and bank details on their own. The access is simple and available from all devices connected to the Internet.

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User-friendly and
secure self-rollout


Tanks to SwissSalary Direct®, you will be relieved of complicated administrative work. Operations like payslip printing, envelope inserting and franking are a thing of the past. The documents are always available for employees on-line.

SwissSalary Direct ® Registration


Employees can use SwissSalary Direct® as soon as they complete their safe and simple registration process.

SwissSalary Direct ® Dashboard


All useful information for employees is available on the home page. Here, you can view payroll accounting, change home address and update bank details.


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