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Web-based data visualization

With the cloud service SwissSalary Insights, current data can be displayed easily and clearly. With just one click, you gain a wide variety of insights from your company.


From the SwissSalary 365 app, the current data is synchronized with SwissSalary Insights and can be displayed independently with a wide variety of reports. To ensure the highest level of security, the data is always transmitted in encrypted form. Afterwards, they are displayed visually and never passed on to third parties.



SwissSalary Insights


Available on all devices

As a web application, the data is clearly displayed at any time and on any device. Using various reports and dashboards provided, you can visualize the desired information simply and clearly with a click.



SwissSalary Insights devices



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Full details of SwissSalary Insights can be found on our website at swisssalary.ch/en/insights.


The SwissSalary Insights can now be included in the price calculator.


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