On the occasion of the cantonal referendum on 07.03.2021, the canton of ZG passed a financial package which will have a retroactive effect on the canton's tax at source rates as of 01.01.2021. Clients do not have to make any manual corrections themselves. The tariff file for the whole of Switzerland was redelivered in the evening of 08.03.2021 and is available for download and import in the SwissSalary Store (Organisation).


History of the tax at source rate adjustments 2021:

- 08.03.2021 | Canton ZG
- 05.02.2021 | Cantons AG, AI, AR, BL, GL, LU, NW, OW, SH, SO, SZ, UR and ZG (adjustment of minimum tax amounts)
- 26.01.2021 | Canton NE
- 22.01.2021 | Canton BL
- 14.01.2021 | Canton BE
- 08.01.2021 | Canton GL
- 22.12.2020 | first complete delivery