The notification below has been displayed on the SaaS user card for some time now: The Web Service Access Key option is deprecated for SaaS. Please do use OAuth.




According to Microsoft, the function below will be removed with Business Central 2022 Release Wave 1:

The capability to access web services in Business Central using Web Service Access Key (Basic Auth) is deprecated for SaaS. OAuth2 will be the authentication option for SaaS. OAuth samples are published in the BCTech repo. For on-premises, Web Service Access Key (Basic Auth) will remain an option for the time being. This change has no impact on how Business Central connects to external services.


For more information about OAuth2 and OAuth2 setup, please follow these links:

Usage and license terms

How to set up

How to test (REST Client & PowerShell)

How to test (Postman & Insomnia)

How to use in C#

How to use in AL


In addition, we have created a detailed video tutorial to help you that features the connection to Business Central and especially to SwissSalary API Pages using the new OAuth 2.0 authorization method.


SwissSalary | OAuth 2.0 (DE)



With OAuth 2.0 you can further increase security and even better protect your data.

We have created the video tutorial below to make the setup as easy as possible for you: