We published the latest SwissSalary EasyRapport release on Thursday evening, 15 April 2021. The update contains many improvements and innovations. We are very pleased to present you the implemented customer requests, improvements and further developments.


The technical framework on which SwissSalary EasyRapport is based has undergone a major release and has been updated to the latest technical standards. Accordingly, there were some important changes in the background and a new, more modern layout was adopted. New functions were added and existing ones improved.


The mobile version of EasyRapport has been completely revised and improved. The complete operation is more intuitive and is faster, which reduces the data entry time.


There is a new ADMIN function that can be used to delete the user-defined password in order to reactivate the first configured password from SwissSalary.


SwissSalary is continuously improving the performance and testing the security of the EasyRapport app. This includes consistent bug-fixing and optimisations across all areas. For security reasons, Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by Microsoft, can no longer be used as of the spring release.


We hope you enjoy the new release of SwissSalary EasyRapport.