This update includes all adjustments from hotfix changes 5057.001 and 5057.002 as well as many new features and bug fixes. With this newsletter we are happy to present to you some new functions in SwissSalary as well as SwissSalary EasyRapport and SwissSalary Direct.


The manual will be finalized in a few days and we will inform about the news as soon as it is available at


We recommend that you install this version in the next few days/weeks. The respective Dynamics 365 partner must be contacted for import with the installed versions (onPrem). SwissSalary 365 Microsoft SaaS cloud customers can simply install the update with a mouse click via ‘Business Central admin center apps’. Video tutorials can be found here or in the Role Center.



Income taxes in 2021

The new legislation on Income Taxes in 2021 has brought numerous challenging changes that are now being continuously integrated into SwissSalary. In this release, we made adjustments to the rates, added or improved various calculations, especially the ones for retrospective corrections and back payments, made error messages clearer and adjusted the submission to cantons to be in line with the current regulations.


Reports and interfaces

Reports and interfaces must be continuously adapted to the requirements of data recipients. For example, we have made adjustments to the Logib interface, the PEKA interface, Landolt & Mächler wage comparison, the UKA interface, hospital statistics, SAP Business by Design interface, SmartPort and year-end statements (AHV/FAK/KTG/Social Fund) and, last but not least, the wage statement.


KLE – Accident reports

One of our latest developments is KLE, the Customer-integrated Service Process from Claim to Provision. Owing to the valuable feedback by our customers, we were able to implement various optimizations to accident reports to SUVA and the associated assessments. In addition, user friendliness has been developed further.


SwissSalary Budget

In our SwissSalary Budget add-on, our developers were able to make further improvements and implement innovations, so that, for example, the functionalities in the Modern Client (browser) are better, the structure and departments are displayed better and various minor errors have been fixed.


Pay process

A wide variety of adjustments could be made and customer requests implemented by default in the most important process in SwissSalary, the pay process. We have visually optimized the payslip with the QR code, built in more sorting options and placeholders, further optimized the TapBoard, added calculations for back payments in subsequent years and built in other functions in the timeline, the so-called TimeMachine, for proactive and retroactive changes. An important innovation for our customers also concerns the ISO 20022 payment file, which, contrary to the guidelines applicable throughout Switzerland, was no longer accepted by some banks. You can now adjust the format at the Bank’s request with one click.



In addition to the examples above, many other improvements have been made, for example when working in the Modern Client, in the Personnel card or administration settings. Please refer to our new smart overview or the extensive update manual.





The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you will enjoy the latest SwissSalary release.


Kind regards,

Your SwissSalary Team