Hotfix 5058.001 is available now.

The hotfix is available for our SwissSalary 365 SaaS customers via “Business Central admin center” -> “Apps”.


Video tutorial:



Our onPrem customers (installed version) can download Hotfix 5058.001 as a ZIP file from our website in the protected area and import it manually.



The Hotfix includes the bugfixes and developments below:


Cloud SaaS | Database name check removed

Database name checks triggered error messages during SwissSalary Direct or EasyRapport synchronization in the cloud. This check has been removed for the cloud environment. This way synchronization errors with Direct and EasyRapport are avoided.


Filling EasyRapport DataPerCompany and Sync Date

The transfer could not be carried out because SyncDate could not be filled in an external client. It is now checked whether CHANGECOMPANY can be executed.


Task #11053 | 5058.001

Social fund annual statement | Annual wage

With SwissSalary 5058.000, the social fund annual statement has displayed wage values for a month instead of annual wages. This has been fixed.


Task #11060 | 5058.001

Department manager access | Pay process header filter

A department manager with access to SwissSalary was able to remove the table filter. This has been fixed and the user can no longer remove the filter. The “SwS Payroll Head” page does not display any values to the department manager; wage items for the assigned employees must be retrieved via “Wage types” --> “Wage items”.


Task #11081 | 5058.001

SmartPort | Department and Payroll Area permissions for department managers

Two new FlowFields were created for the Smartport Change and Smartport Posted Change table (Payroll Area and Department). In addition to the new fields, the call to filter the SmartPort data correctly has been implemented on the various pages. With these changes, a department manager only sees the changes of the assigned employees in the Smartport.


Task #11155 | 5058.001

Workgroup | Balance posting when setting week or day

Starting from update 5058, during the calculation of balance posting when set to week or day, the target time of the month was compared to the actual time of the day or week, which led to the calculation of minus hours in error. This has been fixed.


Task #11168 | 5058.001

EasyRapport SumRange field length extended from 30 to 100 characters

It is possible for the “Break Deduction” report type to automatically put all daily report types together in a filter and transfer them to EasyRapport. The SumRange field in EasyRapport is used for this. The transfer to the SumRange field has now been extended from 30 to 100 characters as soon as the Break Deduction report type is used.


Task #11119 | 5058.001

Report 3065046 Budget | Wage parts are also transferred

The “Wage parts filter” field is now available during the processing of “Import wages/Pay rise”. This field is used to enter wage types that are to be transferred to the budget in addition to the wage. This field is used to enter the usual filters (e.g. 4700|4701|4702 or 4700..4702). If the processing is started, wage parts amounts are transferred from SwissSalary to the budget. The “Valid from” and “Valid until” fields of wage parts are taken into account. The “Recruitment/resignation calculation” setup of the wage type is also taken into account.

Note: In the column layout, the “Editable” check box must be set in the row in which the corresponding wage type(s) is entered in the “Wage type filter” field.


Task #11112 | 5058.001

SAP interface extension (VAT product posting group)

A new field has been added to the SAP Setup page called “VAT Export”. As soon as this field is activated, the VAT product posting group is retrieved from the Fibu account and included in the file.


Career | Editing

Can now be opened and edited in Excel.


Task #10881 | 5058.001

KLE | Case reactivation

A closed case is moved to the “closed” cases with the ‘Communication stopped’ status. If the case is reactivated by the insurer, the case status changes back to “reported” and can therefore be processed again.


KLE | Language issue

KLE could not be submitted in multiple languages after update 5058.000.


KLE | Address in SwissSalary BAU

This Hotfix corrects the Swissdec setup and the KLE Daily Allowance Detail report.


Task #11059 | 5058.001

Demo master data | Cross-client tables

The “Generate demo master data” function may only be executed in a test database or in a sandbox. If this function is executed in a production database, there is a risk that the cross-client tables (e.g. functions, time types) setup will be changed. Cross-client table, for example “Time types” is not completely deleted and created anew. Only time types defined in the SysInit file are added or edited. New time types entered by the user remain.