We are pleased to present to you the new features and hope that your work will become easier.



Automatic break regulation

A Break Deduction report type can now be configured in SwissSalary to specify the legal minimum duration of breaks. Breaks are then automatically calculated in EasyRapport when FROM and UNTIL time is recorded.


GPS coordinates for from/until time

If the GPS settings are active, working hours are recorded even more accurately. There are new GPS fields for FROM and UNTIL time for the input of the GPS coordinates when recording time on the smartphone. They can be viewed in SwissSalary.


Setting limit for report types

There is a new “Limit setting” for report types in SwissSalary EasyRapport. It can be set to “per dimension” or “all dimensions” for each client. Upper/lower limit of a row applies according to the setting per dimension or for all dimensions.


Balance list | Extended employee fields

The employee fields Workplace, Role, Department, Percents by position and Personnel number are now also displayed in the balance list. They are also exported and available for further use.


In addition, minor bug fixes and security updates were made, as always. The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you enjoy SwissSalary EasyRapport.





The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you will enjoy the latest SwissSalary release.


The manual will be finalized in a few days and we will inform about the news as soon as it is available at docs.swisssalary.ch.


Kind regards,

Your SwissSalary Team