We are pleased to present them to you and hope that your work will become easier. In addition, we are working very intensively on the integration of KLE (accident reports) and are looking forward to offering you these great features for employees soon.




The update comes with additional levels of security to protect your personal data against cyber-attacks even better.


Change of master data

As of SwissSalary 5058.000, employees have the option of changing their private landline and mobile phone numbers in SwissSalary Direct.


Maintenance mode

There is a new maintenance mode in SwissSalary Direct used to block the associated dashboards for employees in individual clients. This should be particularly interesting to customers supervising different companies via their subdomain. It temporarily prevents access to documents and personal data.





The entire SwissSalary team thanks you for your trust and loyalty. We hope you will enjoy the latest SwissSalary release.


The manual will be finalized in a few days and we will inform about the news as soon as it is available at docs.swisssalary.ch.


Kind regards,

Your SwissSalary Team