We plan to release regular monthly updates of SwissSalary EasyRapport. To the extent possible, they are released on the third Thursday of the month.


These implementations are now listed in the SwissSalary EasyRapport Update Manual and available to our customers and partners.


In contrast to the update of SwissSalary, we do not release a new update manual every time. We continuously supplement the existing one.


A direct link to the current manual can be found in SwissSalary EasyRapport under Info by selecting the latest version. It is also available, as usual, directly at SwissSalary Ltd. Dokumentation.


We are confident that this update cycle will ensure SwissSalary EasyRapport quality in the long term.


Please note that the weekly maintenance window remains on Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EasyRapport may be down during this time due to maintenance. If urgent updates are queued, they will be installed during the nearest maintenance window and not the next third Thursday of the month.