SwissSalary Ltd. is certified according to ELM 5.0, KLE 1.0 and SUA 1.0

swissdec certified plus

SwissSalary Ltd. is the first and currently the only payroll provider in Switzerland with the swissdec certified plus label.
We will show you the advantages it brings. 

Digitization and automation of payroll and human resources processes

swissdec CH Salary Standard (ELM 5.0)


swissdec 5.0 is the evolution of version 4.0 salary standard of 2013.

swissdec certification covers the following topics:

  • General (company data, salary types, evaluations and personal data)
  • Insurance (AHV/IV/EO, ALV, family allowances, UVG, UVGZ, KTG, BVG) as well as daily allowance processing, maximum insurance wages, payment after resignation, etc.
  • Salary statement
  • Income tax (now includes the calculation according to the new Income tax Regulation effective January 1, 2021)
  • Cross-border workers information (new starting from swissdec 5.0)
  • Statistics from the Federal Statistical Office (so far, only Salary Structure Survey – LSE), additionally Swiss Salary Index – SLI, Employment Statistics – BESTA, Profiling, Company and Business Register Update Survey – Profiling Light)

What does this mean for you?


You will receive a modern payroll solution that meets the latest standards of social and private insurance, taxes, income taxes and statistics. For example, thanks to the new options, you can report several statistics at the same time in the Statistics area and this is now carried out monthly. It means that you will now receive monthly feedback if your data is not complete.


With the version 5.0 monthly income tax report, additional data is now reported to the income tax office, which improves the old reporting process even further.

Digital notification of claims thanks to KLE

Certified according to swissdec KLE 1.0


KLE stands for "Kundenintegrierter Leistungsprozess vom Anspruch bis Erbringung" (Customer-integrated Service Process from Claim to Provision).


This means that incident reports can be quickly and easily recorded and transmitted to the insurer, even if, for example, the course of events and the exact date of the accident are not yet known. No additional third-party systems are required. The entire process runs digitally via KLE starting from the damage claim by the employee, accident report and processing through to daily allowance processing in the area of salarys. Currently, only companies insured by SUVA can use KLE. We are pleased to announce that at least one other private insurer will be added next year. Negotiations with larger insurance companies are already underway. In addition to accident reports, illness reports can also be transmitted and processed via KLE.

swissdec CH Company Authentication Standard

Certified according to swissdec SUA 1.0


With the certification of enterprise software, insurers in Switzerland united under the name swissdec pursue these goals:

  • Ensuring stable, efficient communication between enterprise software and insurers’ software.
  • Ensuring secure data transmission (encryption, signature).
  • Ensuring authentication when sensitive data is transmitted.


What does this mean for you?

Owing to the new digital SUA certificate, it is ensured that a company can be clearly identified when submitting claims reports. This means that no additional security features like login/password are required.

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