One of our customers got this error message when trying to use the ELM Transmitter:

'Cannot find the requested object' is very misleading in this case.

What really happens is this:
The ELM-Transmitter loads the necessary certificate files from the database and uses those for the communication with the swissdec services.
Under normal circumstances this works perfectly fine.
However under not-so-normal circumstances it is possible that the certificate files are invalid because of (security) webfiltersautomatically replacing certain files (*.p12 and *.crt) with dummy data when they get downloaded from the internet (SwissSalary Store)

How to check whether your certificates are valid:
- In SwissSalary go to 'Organisation', then click on 'Certificates'.
- Click 'Update Certficates' to get the newest from the SwissSalary Store
- Select the first certificate and click on 'Export Certificate' to save it somewhere
- In Windows double-click the exported certificate
If you get an error message that the file is invalid... it's invalid :-)
If you see the normal Certificate-Import Wizard ... everything is OK

- Change the webfilter to allow *.p12 and *.crt files getting downloaded from the SwissSalary Store (add to the whitelist)
- Manually import valid (undestroyed) Certificates in 'Organisation / Certificates'
You can get valid certificates from your NAV Partner or from the SwissSalary Support.