Cloud Connector

Do you see the advantage in cloud solutions, but can't switch yet? Are system settings in the way, which are not yet ready for the cloud or do you want to move to a hybrid environment for a while first? Then Cloud Connector Apps are right for you.


Move part of your business to the cloud

The Cloud Connector allows you to move a portion of a client's business to the cloud, while keeping the rest of the core accounting data on-premises and synchronized.



The Cloud Connector app is developed for all Business Central customers, whether you use SwissSalary or not.

Optimized user experience for payroll

The Cloud Connector App has been developed for all Business Central customers, whether they use SwissSalary or not. The SwissSalary Cloud Connector App is based on the Cloud Connector App and includes default settings and optimized integration with payroll.



In this video we show you a short insight into the setup as well as possibilities of the SwissSalary Cloud Connector App.


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