The solution specifically designed for the construction industry is on hand for all matters relating to construction management

SwissSalary BAU

For the needs of the mainstream and secondary construction

Particularly in the construction industry, wage types are many times more complex than in most other industries. Owing to a high-level user experience and construction-specific features, our construction industry payroll software will reliably help you in your daily work.


Calculate common construction rates as well as your own rates and create certificates according to your internal specifications.

SUVA Reports

Owing to KLE management, accident reports can be securely sent from payroll accounting to SUVA in digital form.

Error Control

The system continuously runs checks so that no errors can creep in.


SwissSalary BAU is perfectly integrated in the branch solution by NEVARIS for the mainstream construction industry. FIBU posting or operational accounting are carried out automatically.

Sample Wage Types

Wage types are on hand for accounting purposes for wage and salary payments, i.e. tax, social security and evaluation.


Easy create SBV earnings and quarterly surveys.


Construction-specific evaluations like ISAB and Parifonds are just as much part of the standard version as the registration form for courses funded by Parifonds.

External Systems

Countless third-party systems like BauBit PRO, SORBA, X-BAU, etc. provide their data directly to the SwissSalary reporting with a push of a button.

These construction companies and many others already work with SwissSalary BAU

The Use of SwissSalary BAU


That is why companies rely on SwissSalary BAU

Fully integrated in NEVARIS Finance by NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH

With the industry-specific solution, all the requirements
of the construction and related industries will be met.
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SwissSalary BAU

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