Schwab-Guillod AG

Schwab-Guillod AG has been supplying Switzerland with the finest fresh vegetables and fruit since the middle of the last century and has grown steadily. Around 500 employees meet all customer requirements in a variety of sectors seven days a week. Employees are Schwab-Guillod AG’s driving force and most valuable asset. Therefore, its social commitment is accordingly high, and there are apprenticeships, job offers for physically challenged people, IV recipients and retraining for the unemployed. Schwab-Guillod AG also promotes the employment of couples to ensure the possibility of family reunion. It is also actively involved in foreign employees’ integration and facilitates co-financed German courses.

The quality of products and thus the proximity to nature play a major role. Therefore, great importance is placed on ecology and sustainability in all activity areas. By using natural resources like renewable energy and rainwater for washing trucks, Schwab-Guillod AG makes an important contribution to sustainability.

Many thanks to Schwab-Guillod AG for the great day for “Mark for one Day!” and the interesting and impressive look behind the scenes. We look forward to launching the competition again next year at the HR Festival and are excited to see what comes up with Mark.