bardusch AG

bardusch AG - bardusch is one of the leading textile service providers in Switzerland. With six branches in Basel, Brugg, Uetendorf, Yverdon (two workshops) and Sierre as well as the central warehouse in Rheinfelden, it is close to its customers. Around 700 employees professionally process more than 100 tons of laundry every day. bardusch takes care of the entire process, from advice and procurement to the processing and delivery of flawless textiles for the industrial and health care sector. Owing to the bardusch Textile Management System, customers from all sectors benefit from the custom-tailored service for seamless and cost-effective supply of textiles.

As the winner of the Personal Swiss 2019 «Mark for one Day!», bardusch AG received our CEO Mark Fahrni’s one-day support at its Basel headquarters. For a whole working day, Mark worked his way through the various stations, from reading in private laundry to the ironing of professional laundry and bed linen mangling. Our CEO got to know the exciting and at the same time physically challenging everyday laundry work. Numerous personal contacts with the employees from more than 10 countries were particularly impressive.

Many thanks to bardusch AG and the great day for «Mark for one Day!». We look forward to launching the competition again next year at the HR Festival and are excited to see what comes up with Mark.