Swiss Sugar Ltd.

Swiss Sugar Ltd. has provided the Swiss market with sugar for over a hundred years. Around 250 employees at the plants in Aarberg and Frauenfeld produce this high-quality product from locally grown sugar beet. In addition to different types of sugar, the product range includes feedstuff and potting soil. Swiss Sugar Ltd. has been investing in innovation and developments since its foundation. Today, during the beet harvest season, the state-of-the-art technical facilities guarantee a processing capacity of 10,000 tons of beets per day and per factory.

A step into the future!
«We took a big step into the future with the adoption of SwissSalary. Online communication with offices and tax authorities simplifies the work, just like the use of SwissSalary Direct that allowed us to abandon payslip delivery in paper form. We look forward to seeing what the next step in the future looks like.»
Marc Spring, Head of Human Resources, Swiss Sugar Ltd.