Schwab-Guillod AG

Schwab-Guillod AG has already been supplying Switzerland with the finest fresh vegetables and fruit since the middle of the last century and has grown steadily.
High reliability and quality is of the utmost priority at Schwab-Guillod AG. They demonstrate this every day for seven days a week.

The contribution to sustainability by using renewable energy and rainwater for washing trucks is also significant.

People depend on reliable solutions in the very short-lived and very agile market. SwissSalary 365 meets all the demand and offers the necessary flexibility and reliability.

«We have been using the latest technologies and innovations at Schwab-Guillod AG for a long time. Therefore, the SwissSalary’s cloud solution fits very well with our philosophy and at the same time makes our work easier so that we can focus on our primary activities.»

Raymond Tschabold, Head of HR / Extended Executive Board