maxon motor ag

maxon is the leading provider of high-precision drive systems. Our DC motors are among the best in the world and are used where the requirements are really exceptional. For example, maxon motors drive the NASA rovers on Mars, they are built into insulin pumps and hand-held surgical devices. You can find them in humanoid robots or in high-precision industrial plants, in tattoo machines, passenger planes, camera lenses, racing cars, heart pumps and much more. For over 60 years, everything at maxon has revolved around customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation.

Claudia Vonwil, Payroll Specialist

«It is crucially important to us at maxon, as a leading provider of innovative drive solutions, to enjoy reliable and high-quality support. This is why we chose to introduce the payroll software by SwissSalary, since it perfectly meets our requirements. SwissSalary is our strong partner and the cooperation is great! Thanks to the SwissSalary solution, we were also able to take an important digitization step: all our employees now receive all wage-related documents electronically and are protected with multi-factor authentication.»